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Best investment gives you the unique ability to INVEST any amount you have in your account, and accrue interest on whatever amount you specifically decided to put away for a rainy day.




Liquid and flexible

Get a more attractive return than most short-term investments, with the flexibility to withdraw your money if you need to.

30 - day, 60 - Day, 91- Day, 182 - Day and 1-year terms* All terms offer a guaranteed rate of interest† and security of principal.


Available in both cashBagg and Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA).

Can be partially or fully redeemed prior to maturity†.

Minimum investment of GHS 1,000 (GHS 5,000 for monthly interest payments)

Interest payment options ranging from monthly to annually.

Issued by a World class Bank / B-One Savings and Loans.

Refer to BEST INVESTMENT (BIG) With Flex Fact Sheet for more information.

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